Bodywork service use the expertise offered by a BMW body

The exclusivity, safety and driving comfort that only a BMW can give is the result of an intense and constant research activity aimed at developing advanced electronic systems and cutting-edge structural and bodywork solutions. To preserve the value of the car it is essential to always entrust it to the expert hands of BMW technicians, the only ones who have the expertise and equipment necessary to take care of the car ensuring all the necessary care and attention and ensuring the use of Original Parts BMW.

But where does the BMW bodywork come from? Evolutions and improvements have transformed the “automobile” product in recent years: comfort, safety, lower consumption, performance, sophisticated design are just some of the key aspects on which the market is compared. The bodywork of a modern car must provide the space needed to transport the occupants, reduce the risk of injury in the event of a crash and not be too heavy to guarantee high performance. For more details check out discount for bmw forum members at

With the continuous increase in the power of the engines and standard equipment and packages of options, chassis and bodywork must withstand ever higher stresses and weight gains: it is therefore necessary that the cars are proportionally sized. Today, BMW is a reference in the market for technology applied above all in terms of safety and the use of aluminum, steel and high-strength alloys is one of the main pillars. The electronics also pervade every aspect of the car, so as to require that repairs are handled by qualified and continuously updated BMW personnel. Here is the importance of relying on the BMW Bodywork to take care of your car over time and to guarantee you a genetically BMW service.

Body & Paint body service

Forever BMW. Our Carrozzeria offers you a complete assistance service, qualified and certified guarantee. Courtesy and availability? Only a genetic question. Here are our services: you can rely on us.

Immediate acceptance in case of small interventions

SMART repairs (Small to Medium Area Repair Tecniques, such as glass repair, interior and exterior repairs of fabrics and plastics), Spot and Fast Service

Repair or replacement of crystals

Replacement mobility service

Dedicated discounts on original spare parts

Cost estimate agreed

Time taken and redelivery of the shared vehicle

Clear and transparent invoice

Possibility of making repairs without advance payment

Courtesy service with vehicle towing guaranteed 24h / 24h

Customer support in handling the claim for relations with the insurance companies

Possibility to choose a financing program for the repair

What determines the uniqueness of the BMW Bodywork Service is the quality of the people, the transparency and the rapidity in the repair time together with the efficient management of the accident.

Claims management? We’ll take care of ourselves … From A to Z

AutoVanti offers you a free of charge management service. What does it mean?

The service is that of management of insurance practices: the goal is to save time and resources to our customers while avoiding that those who turn to us should anticipate sums of money pending the liquidation of damage by the insurance company. Our staff offers the customer FREE management of all administrative and bureaucratic procedures in case of accidents, in order to speed up the procedures and allowing the customer to have a single interlocutor.

We will deal with:

Take over the existing documentation drawn up and not after the accident

Open the left

Follow the liquidation by the insurance company

The customer, who has the opportunity to take advantage of the free replacement car for the period of repair of the car, is given the first support during the compilation phase of the CID and the opening of the accident, then an appointment is made at the body with the insurance expert and communicate to the customer the expected time for the repair of the vehicle.

Did you have an accident? We’ll think about it.

We also offer advice and assistance for the recovery of damages deriving from the automobile accident by using specialized personnel to manage the insurance claim. In the event of an accident, our assistance can facilitate the practice of compensation, make it faster and improve the outcome.

BMW and Mercedes: Panamera put in their sights

At the Geneva Motor Show the BMW stand is in a corner. Next to that is Mercedes . Porsche is on a higher level, far away. But it will soon descend from the pedestal. The reason is soon clear: the challenge between Stuttgart and Munich is gaining more and more intensity and in this edition of the Swiss show stands out on the theme “super fast quattroporte” which is the Panamera’s ground. Mercedes presented in final form the AMG GT4 and the BMW the M8 Gran Coupe but still at the concept level, the final model will come no earlier than 2019. Both four-door, both with lines drawn, the AMG GT4has a 639 horsepower twin-turbo V8 engine, the M8 should also have a V8 and with power always over 600 horsepower. The AMG GT4 which arrives shortly on the market exceeds 310 km / h and accelerates from 0 to 100 in 3.2 seconds; the M8 when it arrives will not have lower performance.

The Porsche  Panamera Turbo S,which have both in the viewfinder, it stops at 549 horses and more than 306 km / h does not: it gets in the 0-100 km / h almost half a second! Of course, the porschisti claim that there is the Turbo Hybrid, which has 680 horses, and that from 0 to 100 it takes 3.4 seconds, but be careful because in addition to being increasingly slow, after five heavy acceleration because the battery go to the ground, the times increase and not a little. Just to have another reference: the latest super-peppered version of the Audi RS6 , the 695-horsepower Nogaro Edition , reaches 320 and accelerates in 3.7. In short, Mercedes with the AMG GT4 in the shot has made a great leap forward. Summing up the sense of all this is that both Mercedes and BMW have presented two extraordinary objects not only in form but also in content and construction (especially BMW thanks to many parts in composite materials) that leave an assumption of the new benchmarks in the field of “four doors great emotions”. An area where we still think about performance and driving pleasure.

PS1 about the name of the AMG: GT4 has been a Ferrari brand for years. This recovery is curious.

PS2 about performance: incredible must be those of the Ferrari 488 Pista. From those who developed the engine it was learned that the eight-cylinder engine has new swifter turbines, larger pistons, connecting rods and reinforced heads for greater pressure in the cylinder, new valves with related springs and crankshaft and lightened flywheel. And who took the test in the test confessed that the responsiveness of the response is something spectacular with a shot to high resounding that does not give up even close to the maximum altitude of 8 thousand almost as a super suction. And that has never detected such a strong reactivity. The 488 Pista touches the 340 km / h and accelerates from 0 to 100 in 2.85 seconds.

The futuristic prototype of BMW painted with PPG products

A few weeks ago, hundreds of employees, dealers and suppliers gathered in Munich for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the BMW Group. During the event, the German carmaker unveiled its Vision Next 100 , a futuristic prototype painted with specially developed PPG products. The members of the PPG Deutschland Business Support Center and the European Technical Center worked closely with the BMW Group to develop a sparkling golden finish . The dye is made up of flakes of ferromagnetic carbonyl iron while the red reflections are based on a fluorescent red pigment in daylight . The vehicle itself consists mainly of recycled materials and renewable ecological elements. The car was the protagonist of both the celebration and a three-minute video posted on the BMW website that shows the plans of the car home for the next 100 years. The car is also touring the world on the occasion of the BMW anniversary. ” It was an honor to work with BMW on this prototype ,” said Reiner Müller-Körber, PPG manager, color styling, Europe. ” Over the years, we have developed a solid and productive partnership with BMW. Being chosen as a paint supplier for Vision Next 100 demonstrates their confidence in us as well as our ability to meet and exceed customer expectations. It was a great experience to be part of this historic and futuristic project . ” BMW X4 , second act. Actually the first one lasted less than expected, just four years : the arrival of the new X3 and the consequent need to adapt the production lines – the two cars share the same technical and mechanical base – pushed the German brand to launch the second edition of its medium-sized suv-coupe in record time; “Automotive” speaking, of course. Nevertheless the old model has been sold in over 200 thousand units and this speaks volumes about its commercial possibilities.

So how is the second act X4? New from top to bottom: the construction platform is unprecedented, the design is now in line with the latest products of the brand, the most cared and spacious interiors and road behavior as expected from a BMW. All very nice. Everything, except the price list : to bring home one you need at least 54 thousand euros . An “entry” price is also demanding for a trendy vehicle like this, which combines the usability of a sport utility with the sportiness of a coupé. Furthermore, the list of options is very long and most of the listcustomers will purchase options for a value between 9 and 14 thousand euros : this demonstrates the great profitability generated by cars such as the X4.

The cleaning system consists of a 600 meter long pipe floating on the water. Below is a panel three meters long. The tube not only ensures the buoyancy of the system, but at the same time prevents the plastic from sliding over it, while the panel prevents waste from escaping from below. Both the plastic waste and the system are driven by ocean current, but the wind and the waves only drive the system, because the float is above the surface of the water, while the plastic is mainly just below it. The system then moves faster than plastic, allowing the plastic to be captured. With this method, according to The Ocean Cleanup, fifty percent of the ‘big plastic island of the Pacific’ could be cleaned every five years.

History with BMW i.

On September 8, 2018, the “System 001” in San Francisco was officially inaugurated. A tugboat pushed the ingenious floating device under the Golden Gate to the open sea, marking the beginning of the cleaning operation. The system traveled approximately 600 kilometers towards the first stage.

After two weeks of running-in, he continued the journey to the ‘big plastic island’ of the Pacific, another 1,500 kilometers away, to start the cleaning operation. During the event in San Francisco, the team was supplied with an all-electric BMW i3. To guarantee 100% electric mobility to Boyan Slat and his team for the next 12 months, three BMW i3s models were delivered to the new headquarters of The Ocean Cleanup in Rotterdam in September. The delivery of the vehicles to the Rotterdam office is the continuation of a collaboration started in 2017 when three BMW i3 were supplied at the event during which Slat and his team announced the start of the operation, scheduled for 2018.

BMW i and The Ocean Cleanup .

For The Ocean Cleanup, it is important that corporate cars reflect the organization’s philosophy, and the fully electric BMW i3 does it. “As an innovation incubator, at BMW we continue to push the boundaries of sustainability, even beyond the car,” says Dr. Robert Irlinger, head of the BMW i. “We are pleased to support The Ocean Cleanup in their mission, because we share the same mentality”.

Awarded as the most sustainable car manufacturer in the world (1), the BMW Group, in turn, sees the need to tackle the global challenge of pollution caused by plastics, even if the company is not directly responsible for it. At the same time, BMW i is committed to using recycled and self-healing materials. In the broader context of a circular economy,

BMW i3 up to 95% recyclable.

In addition to the fact that the entire production chain of the BMW i3 is powered by green energy, the car itself can be recycled up to 95%. The BMW i3 has been awarded several times as a benchmark in the field of sustainable car concepts (2). In addition, the extensive use of self-healing or recycled materials such as, for example, the door lining and seats demonstrate BMW i’s commitment to the circular economy.

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